Gemstone Collection

Unique pieces hand-crafted from genuine gemstones.  Perfect for meditation or soothing troubled minds in need of a little beauty.  All products shown here are samples; orders may be customized as desired, and prices will depend on the type of gemstones chosen.

For more gemstone pieces, see our Beaded Collection.

***Please note:  We are not doctors, or healers.  We create beautiful pieces of art.  We provide the gemstone property information for those who are interested in the history and beliefs behind particular gemstones.***


Rose quartz pendant, surrounded by rose quartz shards, clear quartz and cherry crystal beads.

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, and used to restore balance in friendships and romantic relationships.  Clear quartz brings clarity of energy and thought, and is used for healing.  Difficult to manufacture, cherry crystal is a man-made gemstone that encourages romance and vitality.

Rose Quartz Gemstone


Three pieces of “Blood of Isis” are enclosed in a cage, surrounded by copper-and-silver beads, carnelian, shell and hematite.

Blood of Isis is a high grade type of carnelian that is used to amplify the normal characteristics of carnelian, and specifically increases desire, fertility and physical passion. Carnelian is also used for stability, motivation, vitality and creativity. Hematite is popular for restoring focus, concentration and confidence. The properties of shell stem from the water signs of the Zodiac, and shell is considered to increase imagination, intuition and sensitivity.

Blood of Isis


A polished piece of green onyx enclosed in a wire basket, borded by silver-copper beads, black crystal beads, and unique net-balls created from a variety of small gemstone spheres.

Green onyx is one of the most popular stones for improving mental clarity and decision-making abilities. It improves strength, confidence and self-control, while helping to dissipate mental pollution such as anxiety and grief.

MultiColour Gemstone


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